DataLayer at the Alamo Drafthouse

I almost missed it!  I was driving to work yesterday and listening to one of my many nerd podcasts.  This time it was the new builders podcast.  Sometimes if I start out driving before I pick my podcast, I just listen to the latest.  This happened yesterday.

I’m listening away and I hear about a really cool event coming up called: DataLayer.  As described, it’s simply a day talking about the various challenges and solutions to creating a powerful datalayer.  Hey, I spend most days doing this – sounds good!  And somehow it turns out, it’s in Austin.  Even better than that; it’s in Austin, at the Alamo Draft House!  For the non Austenite’s - Alamo Draft House is a super cool movie house which serves up great food, beer and laughs with their famous preshow.  They have a number of fun events with a cult following, such as “Geeks who drink trivia” and “Movie Parties” “Quote Alongs” and much more.

I digress... bottom line: I AM GOING!   Nerds, data talk, idea exchanges, people who get data layer problems and beer.  Need I say more?

I reached out to the compose guys at IBM and they even gave me a promo code for anyone nice enough to read this post. 

If you are interested in going, sign up at:

Use code: LAURAELLIS to get $75 dollar entry!  Usual fee is $199. 

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