#FunDataFriday - Watson Studio

What is it?

Watson Studio is a hosted, full service and scalable data science platform. It allows us to integrate a variety of languages, products, techniques and data assets all within one place.


Why is it awesome?

As a R user, I like it because my colleagues and I can leverage the collaboration options and work in the same project space but use different languages or tools. The fact that it's hosted, means that I can access it from any website (I'm talking iPads folks). Finally, it has a lot of great (and free) integrations like: SPSS, Cognos dashboards and a variety of embedded AI services like Watson Visual Recognition and Natural Language Classifier.

How to get started?

Get started by following my tutorial on how to create hosted R notebooks. Or try out my tutorial on how to create free hosted dashboards. Or, just create an account, pick one of the many community tutorials and explore!