#FunDataFriday - Building a SQL Library


This week I am featuring an excellent blog post by Caitlin Hudon. In this post she discusses why you might need to create a query library and how to get started.

SQL Libraryv2.gif


I found this post awesome because she touches on a very common issue among us data folks. When dealing with a ton of ad-hoc requests, it can be difficult to stay organized with your SQL and connected with your team and consumers. I personally try very hard to keep my work organized, but even so I end up with scripts on my local computer called “Investigation_1_million.sql” which contain loads of individual queries.

After reading Caitlin’s blog, I worked with my team to launch a SQL library available in our internal GitHub. Since doing this, it’s been much easier to work together as a team and collaborate with other teams. As an added benefit, we can now include a link to the source .sql files right in our BI reports. This allows us to be transparent in our logic with our consumers. It also allows our consumers to more easily extend any provided analysis.


Get started by reading Caitlin's blog. Follow her steps to create your own query library. Then revel in your new levels of efficiency!