#FunDataFriday - Data Viz Today


Data Viz Today is an enlightening podcast focused on data visualization. Alli Torban guides her listeners to explore new dataviz ideas and techniques every week with the intent of helping her audience to grow their data visualization skills.


I love this podcast because Alli tackles a wide range of ideas and view points. She is not afraid to dive into areas that may be considered minutiae to some. For example, she discusses annotation and labeling techniques for an entire episode, and I LOVED it!

You might also wonder how it’s possible to have an effective data visualization discussion without any visuals. I too wondered at first if a podcast was the right medium. But, Alli is excellent at her descriptions of the visuals. She also provides high-quality show notes which supplement the discussion and provide great reference material.

Alli provides amazing show notes  with the Data Viz Today podcast

Alli provides amazing show notes with the Data Viz Today podcast


Easy, just start listening! Most of her episodes are around 15 minutes, so they are a great way of getting some insight around a new idea without being too time consuming.

Check out the website, or just listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, SoundCloud & Spotify.